February 12, 2020

How to plan the best Valentine's Day

Waking up to the smell of fresh raindrop mists, morning daisies and chrysanthemums and radiating this sunlit aura with pink cheeks popping out signifies that the sweetest day of the year has finally come --- it’s Valentines once again.

Some may not like the idea of Valentines, especially for the loners, heartbreakers, left-outs, cheaters and the broke but this day isn’t just going to pass without the world celebrating it – it’s a feast for all kinds of love after all, so everyone’s in. But have you planned your Valentines celebration yet? If not, you have come to the right place and we know just the best preparations that are working across the board that can help you create the perfect romantic experience for your loved ones this hearts day.

Develop Well-Strategized Plan in Advance

Rule of thumb: Never wait until you only have a day or two to prepare. Cramming over things is no stranger to us because as per public knowledge, it is when we get to do things the fastest. But is this thinking even rational? Of course it will be fast, your time to prepare is close to ending. You would never want to start frantically throwing together some sort of gifts she doesn’t want or trying to find a restaurant that isn’t booked solid or serving the dishes she’s allergic to. See? That’s cramming and scary.

Give yourself the time to think and go deeper even to the littlest of details that sets out the difference between a pretty impressive date over a heart-melting super date. Reservations must be booked a month in advance and shopping must be done at least a week earlier to avoid the holiday rush. If you plan in advance, you will be a lot less stressed out. Your goal is to make your partner stop their breath over your surprise and give you a kiss without minding people around.

Prepare All Little Things First

Aside from booking the best restaurant in town or the favorite diner she visits and crafting the largest bouquet she’s ever seen, the trickiest things you should think of are the finishing touches. If you plan to give her a three-page card or better yet a fancy love letter, these are other things you can start preparing before the big day:

  • Scented Candles

  • Her favorite band playlist

  • Massage oils

  • Flowers and chocolates

  • Sexy lingerie

  • Balloons and hanging lights

  • Cute table setting

  • Wine

  • Live band

These are just a few options you must not forget incorporate on your surprise. And maybe if you have a talent for singing or dancing, you can also perform her favorite songs. Surely, this is something she will never forget.

Craft the Best Gift Ever

There are tons of gifts you can choose from but remember to avoid clichés and focus on something your date really wants. You may use heart-shaped items, chocolates, flowers and teddy-bears but make sure to incorporate her favorite artists, bands, sports, places or anything that is close to their heart. You may also bring her to her favorite beach destination or invite her to hike or mountain climbing. Try to bring her family out for dinner or buy her a ticket to her favorite band’s concert.

These are only simple things that need not a lot of effort but must be thought in advance.

Dining Out or Prepare a Romantic Dinner

Both ideas can work for you but this will depend on the person and the situation. Dining out will require you to book a private room reservation because if not, chances are you will be mixed with the crowd making it a little awkward for you to chat and distractions are everywhere. But when talking about meals and the atmosphere, the idea of dining out is truly great. On the other hand, preparing a home-cooked meal is much more personal and allows you to have creative freedom, unless you know your way around the kitchen, things can easily turn into disaster.

Aside from the food, you also need to take time preparing for the set-up. Try to design your home or the rooftop, your balcony, garden or maybe a pool area and match it with romantic candles, balloons, lights etc.

Dress to Impress

This last point is very crucial and essential. Whether you are a new couple or have gone decades dating each other, being presentable and looking fresh is a major part of showing how you care about each other.

Don’t dress up just like the usual, it’s good that she sees you differently on this special day. This way she can feel that you are trying to please her which a plus point for you. Of course, looking beautifully as hell will ignite that passion between you two and who knows where that might lead you.

These steps and suggestions are rather generalized and simplified so if you plan to make it more grand or simple like a movie marathon of Netflix and chill, there’s no problem with that because after all we got different languages when it comes to showing love. Point is if you got the chance and if time permits, go out a little and give the best efforts you both deserve.